Inspirational & corporate Keynotes

Creativity & Connection: Finding your Core

Are you finding yourself burning out, disinterested, or lacking spontaneity in your life? If so learn new skills in this innovative and refreshing workshop which blends individual and group experiential exercises that both relaxes and reinvigorates your inner core.  This training will guide you in using creativity to discover untapped themes, emotions, and connections within yourself as a means to overcome blockages and find deeper meaning beyond what you’re currently experiencing.  You will be provided a safe space along with the support tools to be more present and attuned to your passions, values, and motivations unencumbered by daily stressors, fears, and insecurities..

“Is your Calling ‘calling’ You?” 

A look at vocation and life’s career goals from the unique perspective of those who didn’t know what they wanted until the time arrived.  In this inspiring talk, Sam frees audiences from the belief that passion is only relegated to a small, special population.  Instead, he believes your calling is available to you but only if you’re willing to listen when it whispers in your ear.   

"No Mentor, No Problem: Persevering through Setbacks, Stumbles, and Stereotypes"

People always recommend finding mentors or role models to help you grow professionally.  But what if you're a minority lacking access to any?  Better yet, what if you're the son of immigrants and there's no one around you who speaks English?  How do you get ahead in this country?  This is Sam's story of perseverance and success.  Raised in a poor, urban neighborhood of South Seattle, he endured poverty, stereotypes, bullying, job discrimination, Asian shame (i.e. dishonoring the family), to get to where he is today.  As a psychotherapist in private-practice and Emmy Award-Winning former broadcast journalist, he reflects back on all the personal, cultural, and societal barriers that stood in his way.  Yet in the end, he found a way to reach his goals despite stumbles and setbacks.  His story is a sobering reminder of the realities of social inequity (i.e. ethnic, educational, and financial) facing many minorities but it should also lift audiences as a testament to the strength of the human spirit.


* All keynote messages can be tailored and expanded into workshops.