Diversity Keynotes, Workshops, & Poetry Performances

While a keynote message can be a quick dose of inspiration, a workshop will delve deeper and help an audience acquire new skills and apply them in to their situation.  Oftentimes, a typical workshop will include time for small group exercises, personal reflection, and guidance on out-of-the-box thinking to create new solutions or goals.  

The following workshops are just a sample of his work:

Asian Shame: Suffering in Silence

Asians are collectivist by nature and consequently the shame of disgracing their families and ancestors lead many to “suffer in silence” with addictions, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health issues.  Through this powerful workshop, Sam traces the roots of Asians afflicted by "Asian shame" to the cultural values of honor and "face".

Connect Your Dots: Navigating Cultural Influences & Creating a Sense of Identity

In a world filled with passive learning, this experiential workshop allows participants to actively engage in seeing, sharing, and redefining who they are in the presence of others, utilizing a culturally-informed framework. Sam's extensive experience as a group therapist informs this workshop where elements of drama therapy, story-telling, movement, and much more are incorporated in the process.  This should be viewed less as a workshop for "head knowledge" but more as an encounter that leaves a lasting imprint on your being. 

My Story, Your Story, Our Stories: Exploring Our Identities & Privileges

What are your privileges? What are you social identities? How do these make you who you are -- and who would you be without them?   A vibrant experiential workshop filled with activities and interactions with others where you can see, hear, and share your experiences with others in a creative and engaging atmosphere.  Participants will be follow structured group exercises to maximize learning and growth.  

"Poetic Justice: The Untold Stories of Asian-Americans through Spoken Word Poetry" 

With the use of Spoken Word Poetry, compelling videos, and human-interest stories, participants get a new perspective on what it means to be "Asian-American".  Stories that have been ignored, neglected, or minimized through the ages are given a voice so the cultural contributions and challenges of Asian/Pacific Islanders can be validated, heard, and preserved.  

"Major Setbacks with Microaggressions and What You can Do About It" 

"I'm color-blind", "I have Black friends too", and "You speak such good English" are some common microagressions that occur in everyday conversations.  In this informative and entertaining training, you will understand what microagressions are, how they are formed, and find ways to make repairs if it occurs in your life.

"Living in White America: The Power of Privilege, Class, & Race"

A workshop which explores more deeply the impact of race, class, and privilege.  In addition to white privilege, gender, religion, education, income, sexual orientation and other areas of inequity are also introduced. 

"Slanted Eyes: The Asian-American Experience" 

Asian-Americans can be ridiculed, denigrated, and publicly humiliated by mainstream America.  Unlike African-Americans or other ethnic groups who have vocal coalitions that demand change and reform, Asian-Americans lack any coherent unification and thus are relegated to remaining the target of insults, jokes, and on-going public perception of being "perpetual foreigners".

Faith & Race: What Christians need to Know about Culture and Racial Reconciliation"

In a growing climate of racial discord here in the U.S., Christians may opt to sit on the sidelines either unaware of how faith intersects with race or culturally ignorant of how to engage in meaningful conversations with those outside their race.  Scripture offers context on why racial and ethnic differences should be celebrated thereby acknowledging there can still be unity amidst diversity.  


There will be times when crisis intervention occurs and diversity training is crucial.  In these situations, this is where Sam is most adept to the flexibility and challenges facing your company's unique situation.  Under strenuous conditions, a typical workshop will not suffice nor should it be considered.  A customized action plan is needed to handle potentially divisive scenarios between departments, employees, or clients.   


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